Hearing solutions for children

As parents of children with hearing loss, it is important to understand that children of different ages have different needs, but the need to maximize quantity and quality of sound is important at every age.

Phonak takes a holistic approach to help the social, emotional and cognitive development of children with hearing loss from the moment they begin their hearing journey. Responsive relationships and language-rich experiences for young children help build a strong foundation for later success in school and beyond. Our products aim to make the most of every interaction while being easy to use, high performing and reliable solutions at the same time.

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Infants and Toddlers

Hearing well is essential for a child to develop speech, language, communication and social skills. If you’re a parent or loved one and interested in learning more, please see this article.

Do you have questions about hearing solutions for your children? Learn more here.

School Aged Children

Modern classrooms are dynamic and interactive — and ever increasingly so. Though hearing aids are an important key to successful learning, the best hearing solution for a child may be a combination of hearing aids, wireless solutions and accessories.  If you’re a parent and interested in learning more, please read this article.

To explore some use cases of improving understanding in the classroom see this article.

teen boy in school


For teens, hearing loss can impact different aspects of their lives, including recreation and sports, confidence, and social activities. Hearing solutions help teens with hearing loss stay in the conversation, live in the moment, and hear the world their way. If you’re a parent interested in learning more, this link can help.

For more information on how you, as a parent, can support your teen, please see our planning guide for teens.

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