Phonak Audéo Paradise

Introducing Phonak Audeo Paradise, the world’s first hearing aid with a motion sensor, speech enhancement, tap control and universal Bluetooth® connectivity that delivers an unrivaled hearing experience. 

There’s nothing like the sound of Paradise

checkmark  Crisp, natural sound
checkmark  Unrivaled sound quality
checkmark  Personalized noise canceling
checkmark  Connects to smartphones, TV and more
checkmark  Empowering smart apps
checkmark  Powerful rechargeable battery




*Smartphones/traditional mobile phones with a compatible Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile

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mar-icon-marvel-2  Unrivaled sound quality

The new AutoSense OS™ 4.0 is the perfect orchestration of features to create the best listening experience.

  • Speech Enhancer: Designed to enhance the peaks of speech in quiet situations
  • Dynamic Noise Cancellation: noise cancellation in challenging listening situations
  • Motion Sensor Hearing: new motion sensor steers the dynamic Noise Cancellation based on your movement

Universal connectivity

In a world where connectivity is more important than ever, Paradise makes it easy for you to stay connected.

  • Connect to two Bluetooth®-enabled devices at the same time
  • Tap Control allows access to phone calls, music streaming and voice assistants with a quick double tap of the ear
  • Universal Made-For-All connectivity to iOS®, Android™ and billions of Bluetooth devices

 Rechargeable models

Available with powerful rechargeable technology, Paradise is easy to use, quick to charge and offers a full day of hearing. This means no more hassles with disposable batteries!


Personalized digital solutions

The new myPhonak 4.0 app unlocks the full potential of Paradise.

  • Hearing Diary 2.0: Allows you to work with your hearing care professional on hearing goals and tasks
  • Remote Support: Allows your hearing care professional to adjust your hearing aids remotely reducing the need to have an in-person check up

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